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Wed, 10th Jun. 2015, 09:57
Anyone up for a DPRK tour?

So way back in 2008, I conducted a poll here to find out if anyone here was interested in going to the same unusual places I always wanted to visit. It turns out a lot of people were. (Though for some reason LiveJournal has deleted all the poll comments, and shows most of the poll options at 0.0% support even though lots of people voted for them.)

Anyway, in the last seven years I've only been able to visit one of the places on that list (Iceland) but, thanks to an upcoming all-expenses-paid business trip to Beijing, I'll be able to squeeze in a short tour of North Korea afterwards. If anyone's still interested in going there, would you like to sign up for the tour with me? It starts and ends in Beijing, and takes place from 1 to 6 or 7 August 2015. The tour costs €1700 (£1250), which includes the visa, air/rail transportation to and from Beijing, all food and accommodation, and almost all attractions. (A return air ticket from Europe to Beijing might set you back another £480 to £725, depending on from where and when you fly.) It would be great to go with friends.

Mon, 7th Sep. 2015 18:10 (UTC)

I didn't know you posted this! DAMMAT! Not that I could have gone cuz I'm agoraphobic and think you're insane, but I might have been able to have found you some friends to go with. My friends went to KR a few years ago and expressed interest of going to "the other side" at some point. (You may know one of them, belindashort, and her boyfriend Brian.)

Anyway I'm glad you did this! You make it sound like we're all spying!

Mon, 7th Sep. 2015 18:31 (UTC)

Sure, I know Belinda! Or at least, I know of her… I've been an occasional visitor to her blog and website for about 15 years. Too bad she and her boyfriend never found out about my trip in advance, but feel free to pass on the link to the travelogue.

P.S. – Why on earth do you think I'm insane?

Mon, 7th Sep. 2015 19:32 (UTC)

I think leaving North America is for crazy people. Driving on the wrong side of the road, weird food, wars, terrorists, pick pockets, scam artists, shady internet availability...no thank you!