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Travels in North Korea, Part 4½

In this series of posts, I document my travels to North Korea (formally, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, or DPRK) as a tourist in August 2015.

Another member of our DPRK tour group has very generously permitted me to use some of the photos he took. It's great to have these to supplement my own, particularly since he was able to get a lot of wonderful snaps of local Koreans that I didn't manage myself.

I've already gone back to the first four parts of my travelogue to add some of his photos, or in one case to replace one of mine with a much better one from him. Please check out his shots of the Air Koryo flight, a Pyongyang traffic warden, locals posing outside the Kumsusan Memorial Palace, and some interior scenes from Kumsusan shortly before our cameras were confiscated:

[The mysterious Koryo burger, as photographed by a fellow traveller] [The new Pyongyang Airport terminal] [Traffic warden]
The mysterious Koryo burger Pyongyang Airport A Pyongyang traffic warden
[Confiscating our cameras] [Automatic shoe washer] [Locals posing at Kumsusan] [Locals posing at Kumsusan]
Confiscating our cameras,
Automatic shoe washer,
Locals outside Kumsusan Locals outside Kumsusan

(Continued in Part 5.)

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