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psych0naut's Journal

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Psych0naut is a computational linguist, Free Software programmer, ferret herder, and sometime writer of humorous prose. His hobbies include regicide, collecting those little tiny hangers that come with new pairs of socks, and writing brief but patently false autobiographies.
agnosticism, amazing blondel, anarchism, anarchocapitalism, anarchosocialism, animals, artificial intelligence, atheism, automatic summarization, bash, beatles, bevis frond, blackmore's night, bottom, c, capitalism, captain beyond, cecil adams, cinema, communism, computational linguistics, copyright, css, degrassi junior high, dialectical materialism, digital media, digital typography, dmt, document engineering, dogs, economics, erste allgemeine verunsicherung, fawlty towers, ferrets, free software, fsf, futurama, german, gnu, gnu/linux, gnupg, green day, historical materialism, hole, html, icelandic, information extraction, information retrieval, inkscape, intellectual property, interface standardization, interlingua, internationalization, jesus christ superstar, kde, kmail, knode, kooks, languages, latent semantic analysis, latex, law & order, law & order: ci, le dîner de cons, libertarianism, linguistics, localization, lotr, lsd, m.u.l.e., machine translation, marxism, mice in tennis balls, modern times, monster magnet, monty python, movies, mr. bean, multilingualization, natural language processing, oliver sacks, oliver!, political science, programming, psilocin, psilocybin, psychedelics, richard stallman, seamonkey, sex pistols, shell script programming, social informatics, socialism, spamassassin, spgb, star trek: ds9, star trek: tng, steve hillage, sun dial, talk.origins, tex, text processing, that '70s show, the big snit, the straight dope, tolkien, tom petty, traveling wilburys, tryptamines, typesetting, typography, ultima, unix, usenet, value theory, w3c, web accessibility, web standards, wednesday addams, wikipedia, willard r. espy, wordplay, writing, wsm, xemacs, xhtml, yellow submarine